The Game Changing DNA-Based Crime Prevention Solution

Forensically Marking and Linking Criminals to the Scene of the Crime


Businesses: You No Longer Have to Be a Victim

Are you tired of being victimized? Tired of waiting to be a victim? Tired of you and your staff living in fear?

Are you frustrated that all your security company recommends are “more cameras,” “higher resolution cameras,” “video analytics” or “video verification” in the aftermath of a crime?

Ready to turn the tables on the bad guys and get them to leave you alone forever?

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Law Enforcement: A New “Game Changing” Weapon For Your Arsenal

Are you frustrated by the fact that break-ins and robberies usually happen too fast for responding officers to get to the scene quickly enough to make an arrest? That suspects wear disguises or poor footage makes it difficult to make an ID from video? That you often know who committed a crime, but can’t prove it?

Would it help if suspects were covered in irrefutable evidence for weeks after commiting a crime? Looking for new ways to dramatically reduce crime in your area?

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Criminals: Your Days are Numbered—It’s Time to Move On

That’s right, bad guys. We’re talking to you.

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re in the process of casing a location protected by our technology, saw our warning sign and thought you’d better investigate.

Wise move.

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Our department is very supportive of this game-changing technology. It is a great crime deterrent for protected businesses, and will help law enforcement get criminals off the street. We encourage every at-risk business to look into it.

Captain Anthony Minosse
Gloucester Township (NJ) Police
Graduate – FBI National Academy

DNA criminal tagging has great potential to reduce crimes and losses, even more so than CCTV in many cases. We strongly encourage all of our clients to consider adding a DNA Guardian system to their risk management program.

Michael Warren
Corporate Risk Manager
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company