Protect Yourself With Our Game Changing Technology

Are you tired of being victimized? Tired of waiting to be a victim? Tired of you and your staff living each day in fear and anxiety?

Are you frustrated that all your security company recommends are “more cameras,” “higher resolution cameras,” “video analytics” or “video verification” in the aftermath of a crime?

We all know security cameras aren’t the answer, easily proven by the fact that the bad guys are getting away and crime is on the rise. (Only about 1 in 10 break ins and 3 in 10 robberies are solved.)

By wearing a simple disguise and committing their crimes quickly, criminals know they have the clear advantage.

You’re frustrated, the police are frustrated, and the bad guys (quite literally in too many cases) are getting away with murder. But that’s over now. The tables have turned.

Simply put, it fills critical gaps in current security “solutions” that make criminals decide that the risk is just too great.

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Because now there is a technology available that goes against the criminals.

It doesn’t just passively call for help or record the incident. Instead, it forensically marks criminals with a unique identifier that clearly and unquestionably links them directly to the crime scene.  They can’t wash it off and they can’t remove it. They wear the evidence for more than enough time for law enforcement to identify, arrest and convict them.

The bottom line? Only the most foolish criminal will victimize a protected business.

Instead, not wanting to take the risk of almost certainly being identified and arrested, they will seek a softer target. They will quickly learn to stay away from your business, staff and customers. In other words, now criminals are the ones who are afraid, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Locations protected with this technology (even those who have experienced multiple crimes) experience virtually no crime after installation. A 98% success

Why CCTV is NOT the Answer

  • CCTV systems only passively record crimes.
  • Even with video verification, crimes happen too fast.
  • CCTV footage typically does not provide enough information for identification.
  • Most bad guys don’t care that video cameras are present.
  • Criminals can easily defeat any CCTV system with a simple disguise.

Crime has changed:

  • Our criminal forensic tagging systems go on the offensive side.
  • No matter how fast the crime is committed, the criminal is covered in evidence.
  • Law enforcement can easily find and irrefutably identify the perpetrator.
  • Even the most elaborate disguise offers no defense for criminals.
  • Greatly increases the risk of identification and arrest, resulting in a virtual elimination of crime for protected businesses.