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New crime-deterrence and forensic investigative technology will not cost your department or agency a dime. In fact, as you’ll see, it’s going to save you a lot of time and money.

Firstly ask yourself this; are any of these issues causing you frustration?

  • The average break-in or robbery at many locations happens in less than two minutes. Just too fast for responding officers to get there in time to catch the bad guys.
  • Criminals wear disguises that make them difficult to identify, harder to arrest and prosecute.
  • Video from surveillance cameras is often too grainy, blurry or has other issues that make it relatively useless for identifying suspects.
  • Very often, your investigators will watch CCTV footage and recognize the disguised suspects, with little hopes in proving it’s them!
  • A lack of resources to fully investigate robberies and break-ins when you have little evidence to go on.

Sound about right? Well then, what if…

  • No matter how fast a crime was committed, perpetrators were literally covered in evidence that linked them directly to the crime scene?
  • No matter how well they disguised themselves, you could still clearly and unquestionably identify them?
  • That you could follow up on suspects and immediately determine whether or not they had committed a crime?
  • You could clear criminal cases much faster and with far fewer resources?
  • The bad guys knew the tables had turned, and were so deterred that the rate of robberies and break-ins in your community dropped dramatically?

Well, that day has finally arrived.

Using the power of DNA, criminals are now being tagged with evidence that they can’t get away with. Evidence is easily and quickly recovered that irrefutably ties suspects to a specific crime scene.

In short, the one thing they used to count on—not being identified—just completely disappeared.

We are moving quickly to introduce this technology to communities across the United States. If we haven’t yet reached your jurisdiction and you would like to us to prioritize your area, or you would like more information, contact us now.

Trevor Jenkins with the Armed Robbery Task Force of the South Australian Police (SAPOL) discusses the advantages of DNA criminal tagging in preventing and solving crimes

Our department is very supportive of this game-changing technology. It is a great crime deterrent for protected businesses, and will help law enforcement get criminals off the street. We encourage every at-risk business to look into it.
Captain Anthony Minosse
Gloucester Township (NJ) Police
Graduate – FBI National Academy
Suspects will “glow like a Christmas tree” and be forensically and irrefutably linked to their crime with the gold-standard evidence of DNA.