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Here at No Crime Zone, we design and develop technology that enables people to take control of their businesses and homes and secure themselves, their families and their staff against an attack from criminals.

Our unique system is a world-leading DNA marking technology that has been designed after extensive and ongoing consultation with members of the Police, Forensics Departments, and victims of crime and reformed criminals.

DNA evidence is often the missing link to finding the criminal, and Police now have an additional forensic tool at their disposal to assist in making the right arrest. We offer many different products in the DNA criminal marking space that contribute to a safer community to live, work and play in.

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How DNA Criminal Tagging Fills Critical Security Gaps

We protect some of America’s leading pharmacies and retail stores.

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Business Solutions

Protect yourself and your business with our game changing technology.

DNA Guardian forensically marks criminals with a unique identifier that clearly and unquestionably links them directly to the crime scene.  They can’t wash it off and they can’t remove it. They wear the evidence for more than enough time for law enforcement to identify, arrest and convict them.

The bottom line? Only the most foolish criminal will victimize a protected business.

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Law Enforcement Solutions

New crime-deterrence and forensic investigative technology will not cost your department or agency a dime. In fact, as you’ll see, it’s going to save you a lot of time and money.

Using the power of DNA, criminals are now being tagged with evidence that they can’t get away with. Evidence is easily and quickly recovered that irrefutably ties suspects to a specific crime scene.

In short, the one thing they used to count on—not being identified—just completely disappeared

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Traditional security measures just aren’t enough.

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Why choose No Crime Zone?

With crime forever advancing, we too must keep up with the changing criminal and protect yourself with No Crime Zone’s cutting edge technology for putting criminals away, for good.

CCTV footage typically does not provide enough information for identification. Most times, the bad guys already know the cameras are there and can defeat the system with a simple disguise. NOT anymore.

With our DNA tagging solution, no matter how fast the crime is committed, the criminal will inevitably be covered in evidence. Plenty of time for law enforcement to find the perpetrator as the DNA spray can stay on the skin for almost 6 weeks. Don’t fear, your criminal is unable to wipe or wash the spray off, in fact it will only make the evidence worse by further spreading it.

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