Client Testimonials

The following customers have made these comments in their own words.

“This is amazing new security technology. Installing the system was a no-brainer and has greatly enhanced security for our pharmacy. I highly encourage other businesses to consider adding it to their own security program.”

Clint Hopkins, Owner
Pucci’s Pharmacy, Sacramento, CA

“We decided to install the DNA Guardian System in mid 2010 in view of the spate of robberies that were occurring at hotel gaming rooms in close proximity to our propety. In fact these robberies are continuing in this state at regular intervals since our date of our installation. One of the main reasons for us to take this action was for the comfort and security of our staff in the gaming room, which is situated separately from the busy bar and restaurant areas that are on another level, We believed that the system would be a deterrent for criminals who would then look for softer targets.”

-Bob Karpluk, Palais Hotel.

DNA criminal tagging has immense potential. Either it’s going to be a deterrent or it’s going to get criminals caught. And it’s very easy for us to use.”

Lt. Matthew Kite
Cranston (RI) Police

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–  Trevor Jenkins Testimonial

“All of our other systems work after-the-fact. They record what happened, but the DNA system was that deterrent that we needed. We definitely recommend DNA. It really was a bit of a no-brainer.” 

-Everett Brookes Jewellers Testimonial